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When you hear the word "Line-Dancing" you think of Country-Western Style Dancing, but it is much more to it than that! From Soul, Country, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop, Pop and Dance music there is a style of Line-Dancing that comes along with it and one of Cleveland Ohio's native producer, writer and line-dance choreographer Big Mucci is at the top of the Line-Dance Movement, with over 50 Line-Dance's under his belt, Big Mucci is in a lane of his own.
Big Mucci is an American line dance choreographer, producer, song writer and entertainer. With over 35 years of line dance experience (and 25 years of producing and choreographing line dance music), you cannot keep this man off the wood (dance floor)! Born Mark Wynn in the birthplace of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, Ohio) Big Mucci served his country as a United States Marine. After returning home from serving his country, Big Mucci formed his line dance/ rap group the 71 North Boyz In 1998 but disbanded the group in 2004. Big Mucci has since embarked on a successful solo career. Big Mucci is praised for the quality of his line dance choreography, flow and beats that is catered to all ages ranging from 5 to 95 with fun family friendly music featuring call outs to accompany them. 

Big Mucci turned the urban line dance music community on its ears in 1997 with his debut release “Let me see Dat Boodie Bounce” and his follow-up line dance in 1998 “ The Cleveland Shuffle” which both landed him numerous awards from "Producer of the year", "Line Dance of the year", "Best rap/hip-hop act of the year" to the present Big Mucci has earned the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards "Lifetime Achievement Award" and the Academy of line-dancing awards "International Trailblazer Award" along with the UC Star Academy of line-dancing “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Big Mucci has choreographed over 50 Line Dances up to date. Some are featured on the world line dancing network, Most recently in year 2020-2021 he has won The Line Dance of the Year, Song of the Year and The Trending Artist of the year by The Zydeco, Blues and Trail Ride awards association.
Big Mucci's ‘Line Dance’ phenomenon has allowed him to be able to travel across the globe putting boots, sneakers, dress shoes and high heels on the dance floor. He developed and perfected the formula of writing & recording perfectly phrased songs accompanied with his choreography, that was not only ‘dancer friendly’ but ‘radio friendly’ as well.

There isn’t a dance floor in the world that has not felt or heard the sounds of that formula with his big hits such as The Cleveland Shuffle, The Bounce, Bikers Shuffle, Breast Cancer Awareness Shuffle, Trail Riders Shuffle, Cowboi Boogie and the Set Slide.

Big Mucci will get your hands clapping and feet stomping, guaranteed!!! With performing many events from Carnival Cruise Lines, Music Festivals, Weddings, Night Clubs, Motorcycle Club functions and Trail Ride events yearly, he clearly holds up to his reputation as one of the hardest working line dancing touring artist in the U.S, sliding himself into the hearts of fans all over the world!

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